John Biafore - Principal/Teacher

 Hello to all here at the Fort!

It is a great honor to be the Principal of the great city of Fort Yukon. John and crew at recycle binThe Fort has played a main role in the history of Alaska. Fort Yukon is a legendary city that was founded by visionaries. To this day the spirit of freedom and native culture live on in this historical Native City. It is my full intention as Principal of your school to preserve your Native language and to prepare your children to compete and navigate this global world we live in.

For the past nine years I have served the Flats as the Itinerant Special Needs teacher. Yukon Flats is 81,000 square miles and I walked every one of those miles in my position. Today my new role as Principal is my first and my main priority. I greatly welcome the community to be part of our great school. I will bring pride and dedication to your school and fully educate your children to becoming very productive members of society. I am truly honored to be your Principal.

My home town is Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lawrence was once the greatest mill town in the world. We prided ourselves as the producers of shoes, cloth, and paper. We actually produced the paper to make National Geographic Magazine. Throughout my days in Lawrence I worked many night shifts in those brick mills. Lawrence will always be a of me. After graduating Central Catholic High School, I went on to study at North Texas State University, in Denton, Texas. It was a magnificent facility that prepared me to want to teach school. There I learned the art of teaching, the ability to hold the attention of students and move them forward in life. That University greatly aided me in life. As a teacher I have worked in South America, Maine, and Massachusetts. I once worked for Whittier Tech in Haverhill, Massachusetts. I stayed at the Tech for 29 years. At the Tech I taught science and performed other duties. My favorite post outside of the classroom was my recycling club. The club recycled paper, cardboard, oil, batteries, light bulbs, wood, metal, and tires. The students actually made money for the school recycling paper. I have been away from Whittier 9 years yet the recycling club still goes on to this day.

As the new Principal here at the Fort I will support the educational pursuit of each child in this building. Fort Yukon School will be a safe facility, where student can grow academically preparing them for a solid successful future.

Thank you,
John Biafore
Your School Principal