Our Mission is to cultivate and nurture the social, physical, spiritual, and academic growth of all students by utilizing the rich local culture, language, and community/family partnerships so that students can be healthy contributing members of society.

The Yukon Flats school district is spread across the vast northeastern region of Alaska known as the Yukon Flats. The northernmost community, Arctic Village, sits at the base of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the foothills of the Brooks Range. Our other communities are either along the Yukon River or navigable tributaries of the Yukon.

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Our Schools

Arctic Village School
PO Box 22049
305 Mountain Street
Arctic Village, AK 99722
Phone: 907-587-5211
Fax: 907-587-5210
Principal/Teacher: Mark Green

John Fredson School
PO Box 81089
89 Main Street
Venetie, AK 99781
Phone: 907-849-8415
Fax: 907-849-8630
Principal/Teacher: Robert Pymn

Cruikshank School
PO Box 24050
310 River Road
Beaver, AK 99724
Phone: 907-628-6313
Fax: 907-628-6615
Principal/Teacher: Elizabeth Blackbird

Fort Yukon School
PO Box 129
255 Main Street
Fort Yukon, AK 99740
Phone: 907-662-2352
Fax: 907-662-2958
Principal: Les McCormick

Tsuk Taih School
General Delivery
#1 Marten Hill Drive
Chalkyitsik, AK 99788
Phone: 907-848-8113
Fax: 907-848-8312
Principal/Teacher: Tim Myers

Circle School
PO Box 49
330 Yukon Drive
Circle, AK 99733
Phone: 907-773-1250
Fax: 907-773-1259
Principal/Teacher: Mary Groat

A map of Alaska showing the villages of YFSD.

Our School Board

Laurie Thomas, President
Birch Creek, Fort Yukon
Section and Seat: II-E
Term Expires: 10/22

Rhonda Pitka
Arctic Village, Beaver, Venetie 
Section and Seat: I-A
Term Expires: 10/22

Melinda Peter
Birch Creek, Fort Yukon
Section and Seat: II-D
Term Expires: 10/21

Margaret Henry-John
Central, Chalkyitsik, Circle, Livengood, Rampart, Stevens Village
Section and Seat: III-G
Term Expires: 10/23

David Bridges, Vice President
Birch Creek, Fort Yukon
Section and Seat: II-C 
Term Expires: 10/20

Eugenia Grammer
Arctic Village, Beaver, Venetie 
Section and Seat: I-B 
Term Expires: 10/21

Tonya L. Carroll
Central, Chalkyitsik, Circle, Livengood, Rampart, Stevens Village
Section and Seat: III-F
Term Expires: 10/21

Board Minutes

Call Us: (907) 662-2515

District Office

Lance Bowie

lance.bowie@yfsd.org (Ext. #24)

Vacant Position
Curriculum and Instruction
(Ext. #26)

Nancy Shewfelt
Budget and Finance
nancy.shewfelt@yfsd.org (Ext. #32)

Mary Beth Solomon
Executive Secretary
marybeth.solomon@yfsd.org (Ext. #21)

Joshua Cadzow
Maintenance Director

joshua.cadzow@yfsd.org (Ext. #25)

Daphne Fields
Accounts Payable

daphne.fields@yfsd.org (Ext. #35)

Gale Pratt
Special Education
gale.pratt@yfsd.org (Ext. #29)

Micala Peter

micala.peters@yfsd.org (Ext. #31)

Vacant Position
Counselor and Testing

(Ext. #28)

Helen Cheek
Director of Grants

helen.cheek@yfsd.org (Ext. #27)

Yukon Flats School District

PO Box 350
Fort Yukon, AK 99740
(907) 662-2515 (phone)
(907) 662-3094 (fax)
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