Coleen Maldonado is a career-longColeen Maldonado educator.  She has taught students from first grade through university graduate school.  When not teaching directly in a classroom, she worked with adults entering the field of education. Happy in her third year of teaching in Arctic Village, Ms. Maldonado began her career in Iowa, then spent many years working in Arizona schools.  As a Director of the ASPIRE and Native Teacher Preparation Program at Arizona State University, she assisted multi-generational, traditional and non-traditional students to complete their education certification and teach in their own communities. Ms. Maldonado descends from her Irish father and Italian mother and has four children and nine grandchildren.  Her relations also include family on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.  In her “free” time (ha!) Ms. Maldonado enjoys music, sewing, cooking, camping and being close to water.

Mabuhay! (Hello)☺Rosalyn Monter

My name is Roselyn Pedroza Monter. I am a Licensed Professional Teacher in my home country and a K-5 teacher in Arctic Village. I am a cultural exchange Teacher from the Philippines. This is my 3rd  year serving the Yukon Flats School District. 

I am the youngest among 4 siblings and a mom of three. I love my family and parents. They are my everything.

I received my Bachelor in Elementary Education with a major in General Education and a Master’s Degree in Education at Laguna Northwestern College. I have earned and completed my coursework for a Doctor of Education with a major in Educational Management at Philippine Christian University.

I have been teaching for 19 years as an Elementary teacher in both Private and Public schools. 

In my 19 years as a teacher, I have coached Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, News writing English and Science News writing and have chaperoned regional students for Journalism.

My purpose is to teach and support the school and the district and to provide a quality education among all of the learners. I am happy and I enjoy what I am doing.

Life Matters” 

Nicole ChristianI’m an Instructional Aide/ paraprofessional. I grew up in Arctic Village Alaska and love to travel. My favorite thing to do is read. I could read all day if no one stopped me. One of my main goals is to be a elementary teacher but my objective goal is to be certified in Special Ed.