School Improvement Plan

John Fredson School is designated as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) in AlaskaŹ»s System for School Success plan.

(CSI) schools have access to school improvement funds to assist in the implementation of the school improvement plan. In addition, a school improvement coach will be assigned to support school improvement efforts, as resources allow. These schools continue to have access to all the general supports provided by the district and DEED.

John Fredson School will be implementing the program, Raising Highly Capable Kids, as part of their School Improvement plan. This program embraces a partnership with parents to provide support for the whole child.

Raising Highly Capable Kids

Raising Highly Capable Kids (RHCK) is a 13-week evidence-based parenting program developed to build stronger families by empowering parents with the confidence, tools, and skills they need to raise healthy, caring, and responsible children.