Dr. Brenda Bingham
District Counselor

(907) 662-2515 Ext.#26

Dr. Brenda BinghamDr. Brenda. Bingham has a doctoral degree in Christian Counseling and Psychology (CPsy.D). She received her B.A and M.Ed. from Texas Southern University.

Dr. Bingham is a certified life coach, minister, certified Christian counselor, certified anger management therapist, international motivational speaker, TV producer of the Brenda R Bingham Show, Living an overcomer Life, and author whose life work consists of empowering women, particularly survivors of domestic violence.

Dr. Bingham is also the founder and CEO of A Beautiful Mind, Inc., a U.S.-based nonprofit. Her mission is to counsel teens, young adults, and women who are victims of domestic

As a native of Houston, Texas and a retired educator, Brenda is a powerful and sought-after mentor for the Houston public and private school system. Her 40+ years of service to the school community has afforded her many accolades that have earned her Teacher of The Year (twice) and the title of Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women.

Her husband, Lawernce Bingham, has supported her work for more than 25 years. Dr. Binghamʻs family includes two daughters, Tika Hampton and Shon McCraw-Davis, and three bonus children Jatoya, Yaschia, & Lawrence Bingham.